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A Kumul Prospect

By Joel PURI  |  SportsTok Magazine | Issue #96, AUGUST 2021
The 2021 Digicel Cup Competition brought together aspiring talents and prospects from the Highlands to the Coast and to the Islands of Papua New Guinea in showcasing their abilities throughout the short semi-professional rugby league season.
Among those rising talents is a rugby league prospects in Valentine Wamdi who weather all storms to claim two man of the matches consecutively in rounds 11 and 12 of the Digicel Cup clash.
Valentine who is originally from Jiwaka, stood out to be one of the best in rugby league at the highlands zones in 2015 which got the attention of the Enga Provincial Government Mioks.
Mioks undeniably recruited the lad for his flair and shaped him for three years to be a star in the semi-professional rugby league competition before joining the Jiwika Provincial Government Waghi Tumbe for this season Digicel Cup campaign.
The 20 years old with 192cm towering Valentine is the real definition of fast and vigilant when he gets the chance to attack and defense.
His fierce attack and defense is a headache for his opponents that leaves no room for them to accommodate him, but let him to reach out for opportunities.
Such a player that makes a way that seems to be simple and easy for the eyes where there seems to be no way, yet it takes a lot of effort and hard work to produce the anticipated results.



This lad doesn’t need a number on his back as he really has what it takes to be a greatest player of the season and he is one of the stronghold behind the JPG Waghi Tumbe’s propeller.
Valentine is determined to climb the hierarchy of rugby league in the country with the ability to pursuit the aim to one day see himself in the red, black and gold colors as many aspiring talents dreams.
In an interview with the Sports Tok Magazine, the Jiwakan native said, he has a big dream to represent his country in the national duties one day.
“Although this is my first year with the JPG Waghi Tumbes, I am honored and humbled at the same time to share this great season with my country men, the Waghi Tumbes as I see many good things coming with some yet to unfold,” he said.
Meanwhile, the rookie coach for the JPG Waghi Tumbe Baundo Abba echoed that, Valentines performance is consistent and orderly.
He said, he is one of the disciplined player who works extra hard to achieve his daily targets which pays off on the field at the game hour.
The aspiring lad is a Kumul prospect with so much untapped skills still to unleash as he moves up the hierarchy of rugby league in the country

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