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Gone but not forgotton


By Ricky ISRAEL                  SPORTS TOK MAGAZINE | ISSUE 101, JANUARY 2022

The 9th of January 2022 marks 4 years since late Hunters, Kumuls, and Canberra Riders and Widen Vikings fallen star the Late Katio Ottio’s anniversary. Late Kato may be gone but his long lasting impression and impact of his career of rugby league are one for the books that cannot be forgotten.

It has pave the way for rugby league in his the small island home of Tatana near Port Moresby and also inspired young players in Tatana and PNG. The Inaugural Cup Champions of The Dadi Toka Pepsi 9s Tournament, the Tatana Island (TI) Vikings honored their fallen homegrown hero’s legacy with their superb win.

The Island Village of Tatana have produced some of the best talents in Volley Ball, Netball and Cricket. In recent times Rugby League has taken roots in the village and taken the village by storm, capturing the hearts of everyone, this is because of their very own son and fallen Kumul, the late BenKato “Kato” Ottio or Kato for short who drove the Code in to the heart of the villagers.

His impressive achievements and accomplishments have inspired and influenced young and old players to take up league in his Village Tatana Island and PNG as a whole.

In the Inaugural 2022 Dadi Toka, Pepsi league 9’s Tournament, Cup Champions and Tournament’s favorites the TI Vikings have dedicated and honored their brother, teammate and role model with their Victory. This is one of many testaments of this great man.


Throughout his playing career many players had played alongside him in the likes of notable players Adam Korave, and Junior Belo. Both are regulars with the Koyari Nagavas but have joined forces with other semi Professional Players in the Digicel Cup who had looked up to Kato together with the boys from Tatana. It was a special and honorable moment for the both Nagavas and Korave to have played for Kato’s home team.

Before heading into the Dadi Toka Pepsi 9’s the boys competed in the Borera preseason 9s Cup and took out the cup title. The Boys in Green dedicated the victory and every matches played to Kato. Whiles in their trainings and preparations the boys together approached late Kato’s mother Joyce Ottio to tell her that they will dedicate every matches in honor of her son.

For late Kato’s mother Joyce Ottio it was emotional time for her as the memory of her son still fresh in her in mind and heart.

“I felt sad when the boys told me that they would dedicate their every matches of the game to my late son.  I felt sad at first but later was very happy and thankful to the boys for the support and in honoring the legacy of my son,” she admitted.

“Every time I think about or heard his name I cried, its breaks my heart every time but the boys have always been by my side, giving me support and strengthens me. Kato is gone but the legacy he left behind will remind last long, as mothers this is what we to see and hear of our sons.”

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