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By Dan Robert                   SportsTok Magazine | Issue #

It is the main emphasis of the Seagulls Hockey Club to take the youths off from the streets and engaging them to play Hockey and change them to be responsible leaders of tomorrow.
The club has achieved this through the emphasis of getting youths and involving them in the sport, in this case, Hockey to instil in them the societal attribute of, being responsible with integrity and honesty and be part of the community. Most of the youths who are part of the Seagulls team taking part in the Port Moresby Hockey Competition are young school leavers who are not able to advance further in their schooling because of educational standards that determines only a percentage of students to advance further.
These disadvantages have prompted these young ones to resort to drugs, and alcohol which affected both their families and the community. With this understanding, the Hockey loving elders of the Seagulls Hockey Club Vincent Ilumpui and his wife Eva Kaira Ilumpui have embarked on a program through hockey to improve youth’s personal attributes so as to be accepted by the community they live in and more importantly their families. “Changing a person to be better involves lots of time, efforts and good financial backing. We have sacrificed our own time and efforts, with little helping through sharing.


Since then the club has been self-sponsored, does not had any sponsor to date. They did whatever, they can, just to keep the club running. For the clubs performance on field is very good. The club has produced lots of talented players internationally for both men and women division. At the local competition, for the past two years playing on synthetic turf the men team have maintained the top five (5) for both division and knocked outs but men’s ‘B’ grade team has crowned as the champion for this year. The club right now is in need of equipment. They currently sharing hockey sticks between girls and boys. They are also in need of new uniforms for both men and women, hockey balls and other training gears too.

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