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By Dan Robert                 SportsTok Magazine | Issue #

There are so many stories of children taking the long road to reach their dreams especially, when the horizon looks cloudy.
There are many ways to play a game but not all of them are safe. It is essential that children learn the proper techniques for all aspects of any sport. Once such technique is learning how to pay attention to everything that is going on around them. In field hockey, It is common for players to get hit in the face by the back swing from another player. With all of those bodies running around the field, the child has to learn to pay attention. One of the challenges in the hockey code in Papua New Guinea is that children are often compete and train like adults by the time they are 5 years old. It takes the fun out of playing and often leads to poor skill development and player dropout. To address this problem, the Port Moresby Hockey Association (POMNA) is recommending junior development program to shift the message early to the children.



Hockey is also a fitness activity that is suited to children’s exercise requirements, with plenty of running over short distances and good development of children under five years of age. As parents play an important role in supporting their children in doing whatever they can to help guide them along. Molean’s advise to hockey parents is that if times get tough when their child is 10, 11 or 12, it is important to remember that it is all about developing and getting better at an early age.
“I want to be real with you, I am speaking to you from a coaching point of view who has developed youth athletes, but also as a coach who has the utmost passion and respect for my sporting code. “Children need proper progression and development to succeed in hockey. And that is through shifting messages to the kids early before they play the real game,” Molean said.
One thing that is important to remember is that the journey to the culmination of child’s dream is a marathon and not a race so support and encourage them.

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