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West Eagles retain title

By Joel PURI                     SportsTok Magazine | Issue #87

The Port Moresby Aussie Rules competition ended successfully with no major hiccups amid Covid-19 as the famous West Eagles retain the title after beating the tiring Kokofa Cats on 44points to 33 points.
POM AFL began its short season amidst Covid-19 challenges yet wrapped up with the final safe and sound in favor of the two veteran clubs battling. Though it was a tough wearing match yet filled with excitement as families and friends came together to celebrate the finals.On that juncture, the AFL President made the last remarks during the presentation and thanked all the participating teams and congratulated West Eagles for the dominance through the grand final win.
He commended the West Eagles for being a dominant club in the competition and their commitment and hard work to what they want to achieve has resulted in another premiership win.
However, the Cats have given a run to the defending champions for their money with a brilliant and fair display of football. Despite Covid-19 challenges, all credits to the great sponsors of the competition; especially the Paradise Beverages and Moni Plus for making it possible for everyone to come together to have a competition to play and celebrate for this season. Still the West Eagles have maintain the dominance and set a bench mark for other clubs to meet in the future. Meanwhile the captain of West Eagles upon receiving the trophy acknowledged the tough contest put up by the Kokofa Cats and commended the Eagles for their tremendous performance to defend the title.

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