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Pikinini volleyball takes its first steps.

By Maureen WEI    Sports Tok Magazine Online

The National Capital District Volleyball Association (NCDVA) has taken the first step oflaunching its development programs by showcasing pikinini volleyball team uniforms on Saturday at the Taurama Aquatic Centre (TAC). The colors were chosen to match the colors of the nine different NCDVA clubs.

The development team will have two divisions; eight to ten years old and eleven to fourteen years old. Each of the nine clubs will now have two development teams under them. Each team will have 12 players.
President of the NCDCVA, Wally Irau said he had revived this program after the woman who started it in 2019 but passed away, halting the program.
It is pleasant to have the program back. Sports require discipline and it is easier to train kids when they are still small”, says Irau.
Furthermore, he added that this was to develop talent and produce elite or professional players who could represent Papua New Guinea (PNG) in international games. He still urges parents whose children are at those ages mentioned above to bring their kids
interested in playing volleyball to the official launch.
The official launch and start of Pikinini Volleyball will be on Saturday, 27th of May at the TAC. The NCDVA usually hosts games at the TAC on Saturdays.

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